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Angel Swift

Angel Nguyen Swift is the Vice President of Compliance and Financial Crimes Solutions at Enigma, a data and technology company headquartered in NYC, where she leads strategic initiatives focused on bringing augmented intelligence to help financial crime professionals make informed decisions effectively. 

Prior to Enigma, Angel spent nearly a decade building and leading the financial intelligence unit (FIU) at American Express. Angel was responsible for establishing and maintaining an end to end program that supported the suspicious activity reporting process from transaction monitoring rule development to quality control, sanctions screening and investigations, enhanced due diligence reviews, KYC refresh, anti- corruption and bribery monitoring and investigations, and special investigations. Under her leadership, the FIU expanded from five people focused on the US card process to nearly 500 people supporting the enterprise in over 40 countries. Her responsibilities also included leading development of technology solutions for the FIU and managing regulatory examinations related to the FIU’s work. 

Angel remains active in the industry by speaking at global conferences, facilitating certification courses for AML, and participating in public/private working groups. Most recently, she has been leading a joint effort with ACAMS and Polaris called Stand Together Against Trafficking (STAT), which utilizes technology to empower the sharing of financial indicators across the financial crime industry with the aim of eradicating human trafficking. 

Prior to American Express, Angel served as a New York County Assistant District Attorney (NYCDA), where she prosecuted a wide range of cases including street level violent crimes, drug sales, sex crimes, violent felonies and long-term identity theft and cyber crime investigations. While at NYCDA, she served as a charter member of the identity theft and cybercrime unit where she focused on long term investigations and helped establish protocols for digital evidence in all cases. 

She also currently serves as a board member of the non-profit organization Polaris.

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