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Lindsay Dastrup

Ms. Dastrup (CAMS, CAMS – Audit, CAMS – FCI, CRCM, CIA, CFSA) is an Audit Leader within the Internal Audit Group at American Express.  She oversees the Global Corporate Services (GCP) and Global Merchant & Network Services (GMNS) audit portfolios, in addition to leading the Strategic Partnerships, Operational Risk Management, Global Privacy, and Global Information Management audit areas.


Prior to her current role, Ms. Dastrup led the AML Audit team and was responsible for leading the Enterprise AML audits and the international AML audits. Ms. Dastrup served as a key contact for regulators for external AML exams and was responsible for ensuring all regulatory findings/recommendations were addressed by the business.


Ms. Dastrup is activity involved in the ACAMS Organization, including being an Executive Board Member for the New York ACAMS Chapter and CAMS-Audit Review Board Member.  She is also an instructor for the CAMS Exam On-line classes. She is also adjunct faculty at Columbia University where she teaches graduate level risk management classes.  

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